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Our maternity nurses can't wait to be there for you

Each day, a professional and enthusiastic team of maternity nurses is ready and waiting to offer mums, dads and new born babies the guidance they need.


Hi, my name is Anna and I'm the proud owner of Omega Kraamzorg. As a mother of four I am very well aware of the importance of receiving good guidance from the maternity nurse throughout the maternity period. This is why it has become my goal to support young parents in the best possible way during this wonderful time. 


What I find so inspiring at Omega Kraamzorg are the short communication lines, the involved and professional maternity nurses and the client's interest being at the top of the list at all times. I want to be a sounding board for the maternity nurses, further shape the policy with their input and increase their skills through positive feedback.  Not only is it better here at Omega Kraamzorg, it also feels like home.


Hi, my name is Vicky and I'm the HR Manager at Omega Kraamzorg. I will tell a little bit more about myself soon.


I will tell a little bit more about myself soon.


I've been working for Omega Kraamzorg since July 2013. Working at Omega Kraamzorg has enriched my life. It is always wonderful to witness the birth of a new life.

To share that experience and to offer guidance in the change that is brought about by a birth is quite unique. And having an attentive and involved employer makes work feel like a safe haven.


I've worked at Omega Kraamzorg for almost five years now and it is still as much fun as it was the day I began. We have an amiable and fun team and we all stand for quality in care. If the client is happy, we are happy.

What I like most about the work are the babies!  Working with babies and with so many different people is what makes this the best job ever.


I will tell a little bit more about myself soon.


At Omega Kraamzorg you get professional continuity and... great companionship! We are a small company striving for great quality. I've really enjoyed working here and have done so since 2012.


My name is Iza and being a maternity nurse is my passion. Caring for and supporting women in childbirth is one of the things I simply love doing.  What I find special about working at Omega Kraamzorg is that I can guide the families through this process in their own language. In addition, it is a great challenge to help new mothers with breastfeeding.


Hello, my name is Lydia. Maternity care is a wonderful and very special profession. I've been doing this work for more than 30 years with great enjoyment. Each family is unique and each birth is a new wonder. The work is incredibly diverse and so different each day, it is the most beautiful profession in the world for me.


I am Denise, IBCLC lactation consultant at Omega Kraamzorg since April 2012. As a lactation consultant my job is twofold; I sort out any breastfeeding problems, and I support the parents where they have issues or when they have doubts on breastfeeding. For this reason, and in consultation with my employer, I choose to be easy to reach, so that I can be there for the families as much as possible. Omega Kraamzorg has given me the space to do my work in the way I see fit and with a great deal of passion.


It is great to be able to witness such a new and special event in a family; to guide, explain and encourage the parents after the birth of their baby, in the care of their baby... I just love it. I work for Omega Kraamzorg with much enthusiasm and enjoyment. It is a young and growing company that stands for expertise and professionalism, and where the client is our priority.


I am a maternity nurse in heart and soul and I have been active in maternity care for eight years. It is the best profession in the world.

There is no experience more unique than offering guidance to a family having a baby. It is exciting and intense. And yes, while it is very exciting when you are having your first child, your second, third, fourth or umpteenth child are all just as exciting. It is a new experience each time.

After having worked at a different organisation for seven years, I am very much looking forward to working for Omega Kraamzorg. Maybe I will see you soon!


Assisting with deliveries, working near newborn babies, guiding women in childbirth and supporting and advising them in respect of breastfeeding are all passions of mine. I love this work. In addition, I find it important to help young families become accustomed to and have faith in their new role in life - “parenthood”.
Omega Kraamzorg is the best maternity agency I have worked for so far. Here, they notice and appreciate my skills. The good communication and cooperation I have with my supervisor and colleagues make me feel that Omega Kraamzorg is the right place for me.

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