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The bond between mum and baby

The best and most natural nourishment for your newborn baby

Why is breastfeeding the best choice for your baby? It contains all the nutrients he or she needs and it is a special way to (further) strengthen the bond between mum and baby.

Guidance for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding fully meets the needs of the baby. As your baby grows and develops other needs, the composition of your milk will change. In this way your baby will always get the right combination of nutrients needed to further develop, provided the feeding is done correctly and the mother eats and drinks sufficiently.

Borstvoedingscursus Almere

After your baby has been born, important organs will develop further (liver, kidneys, lungs, central nervous system and the brain). Research has shown that the protective qualities of breastfeeding are very important for a premature baby.

Breastfeeding Course
All this and so much more will be further explained by our IBCLC lactation consultant during the breastfeeding course, but feel free to call us as well.


Breastfeeding Course

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