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A delivery as you would want it

Care during the delivery, maternity period and afterwards

They say it for a reason, delivering a baby is quite an undertaking. It is an exciting and special experience. We will guide you through it and answer any questions on things you need to know about the delivery.  

The moment has arrived...

When you go into labour, the first thing you must do is contact your midwife. If you want to have your baby at home, the midwife will contact Omega Kraamzorg. 

During the delivery the maternity nurse will assist the midwife (parturition assistance) and will stay with you until at least 2 hours after the birth. Guidance in caring for your baby starts immediately after the delivery.

Maternity hours
On average you are entitled to 49 hours of maternity care, spread over 8 days. In the event of a different situation, you could even receive up to 80 hours of maternity care, spread over 10 days. For more information, please contact your health insurer.

Hospital delivery
If you want your baby to be born in the hospital, you must first consult your midwife. Phone us after the delivery so we can make sure a maternity nurse is available the minute you get home.


Maternity period

The time following the delivery is very special: your maternity period. You have nothing to worry about, because we already prepared you for this during the admission interview. This is the time where you want to enjoy your newborn baby and not have to worry about anything

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Pleasant and calm
We will help you and your family where needed so you can look back on a pleasant and calm maternity period. Our maternity nurses will watch over mother and child. They will guide you through the process of breastfeeding, make sure that the house is quiet when it needs to be and even take over some of the household chores.

For Omega Kraamzorg personal contact before, during and after the maternity period is very important. During the maternity period we will do our very best to make sure that you have the same maternity nurse each day. The care we provide is our way of contributing to an unforgettable maternity period.

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