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Loving maternity care for parents and children

Each child and each birth is unique, and the same is true of the atmosphere surrounding a birth. Time and again, we feel privileged to experience this from up close. As each delivery, each parent and each baby is special, we will gladly adjust to your family's situation.

The maternity nurse will gladly answer all your questions.

The wishes of the young parents and the care that they and their new son or daughter may need are first on our list. We support young parents and provide care and advice where necessary. We guide mothers through the breastfeeding process when they want us to. Once your baby is born, we will visit you for a couple of hours each day to help you with everything that's involved in this earliest stage of life.




You can do that at any time after your first visit to the midwife, which usually takes place in the fourth month. We will contact you for an admission interview in the 7th month.

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