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Yoga during your pregnancy and care products for your child

Love for mothers and babies. Omega provides various services that will help you with the development of your body during your pregnancy, but also to adequately prepare you for the moment your child will make its first step and starts discovering the world.

Pregnancy yoga

Yoga during your pregnancy will not only relax you but your baby as well. It helps your body in its progression towards childbirth. Yoga teacher Caroline loves teaching yoga to expectant mothers because of the beautiful bond between mother and child.


During the lessons you will be taught:

  • breathing techniques (Pranayama)
  • how to strengthen your body and relax your muscles
  • how to use your pelvic floor, back and stomach muscles

Start your lesson
You can start the course between the 16th and 28th week of the pregnancy. Do keep in mind that it is never too late to start. Many of the most common complaints such as pelvic and lower back pain can also be treated with stretching and posture correction exercises.

We require a minimum of 5 registrations to start the course. The group will consist of 10 women maximum. We will supply a mat, hassock and small blanket. If you want, you can bring a towel. The costs for 12 lessons amount to €240. You will pay this amount in advance to NL63ABNA0420060545, stating 'pregnancy yoga'.

Register via:                                                                                        

Do you have questions about yoga?
Free feel to give us a call if you do. +31 (0) 36 - 545 07 77



Breast milk is the best nourishment a baby could wish for. Like Omega Kraamzorg, Medela wants to advance the mother's and baby's health with supportive products. You can order these products via us.

One-sided or double-sided breast pumps, nursing bras, care products for sensitive or dry nipples and hydrogel pads (these provide immediate relief when troubled by painful or cracked nipples as a result of breastfeeding).


You can also ask your maternity nurse for advice. Are you insured with Zilveren Kruis and do you have supplementary insurance? Good. You will receive €75 discount on the purchase of a breast pump. Ask you insurer for conditions. 


Symphony Breast Pump Equipment

Do you want to breastfeed your child? Then use a professional breast pump that gives you extra support.

Hiring or buying?

You can hire this breast pump, a Medela Symphony, from us. For this you will have to sign a hire agreement and pay a deposit of €50,- for 10 days. You could of course buy the breast pump from us. If you would rather buy it, please contact us.

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